Empower Your Empire
It's Time To Get The Proper Plan For YOUR Business
End The Struggle, Debt, And Overwhelm
By Learning The 'Stuff' Between The Lines.

Ya Know, The Stuff They Never Told You!
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Here's What You Get :

We Take You By The Hand
4 Week Course
Includes Live Training
Recordings, And Options To Customize 
A More Personalized Training With Additional 
One on One Strategy Calls.

*Online & Offline Lead Generation
*DMO that actually works
*Eliminate Self Sabotage
*Communicating with Prospects
*Asking The Right Questions
*Developing An Appropriate Call To Action
*Asking For The Sale, & Closing It
*Team Building And Support
*How To Nail BNI, Chamber, And Network Events
*Live Zoom Sessions And Much More!!!
So what's all the fuss about and why us?

If you're going to go to a dream destination wouldn't you say it's better to have a tour guide who knows the ins and outs.
Someone who actually wants you to WIN, or enjoy the place 
you're going to?

Hello! We are Larry Hochman And Julie Dwyer.
Certified Counselor Vs. Home Business Recruiting Rock Star

Combined that's 30 years of our ABSOLUTE 
amaze balls coming straight to you!

I don't know about you, well actually I do!
I'm Julie and I started as a home business mom 
of 3 with a full time career, over 10 years ago. 
I had to make it work, I wanted to quit my job, 
And I had to be home and able to support my special needs kiddo.

So I had to be able to build a downline, and help them succeed.
Yep I tried all the dinosaur old fashion ways to build it, and then the smarty modern day tricks.   I did it with out Guru people helping me.

I'm sure you know a tad about that.
Boy Have I got the gold for you.  

Hi, I'm Larry and I started out as a professional counselor, trainer and seminar leader.
I transitioned from a career in education to someone who travels the country helping people getting out of their own way in order become successful.

I've worked with schools, corporations, marketing organizations, even the U.S. Military to help create strong, confident, effective people.

But I've always loved working in the home business space. That's where I find some of my favorite people!

Lots of people have dreams. They want to create a lifestyle of money, freedom and security.

But most of them will never DO anything about it. They just let it stay a fantasy.

People who start Home Businesses are DOERS. They're willing to take risks. And they're willing to BECOME a better version of themselves, so they actually turn their dreams into reality.

I've helped many home business builders get out of their own way, and find the confidence and leadership inside themselves to be successful.

And now I'm ready to help you do the same!

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