Refund Policy

We serve the community with the best intent and honesty. We intend to deliver full value of the course and it's entirety with in 4 weeks.
As we put 100% effort into training, consulting and helping our clients, we hope that you will also put forth that same effort in your own business and implementation.
Empower Your Empire has a partial refund policy once the course has begun for the individual. If you have further questions or circumstances please contact Julie Dwyer or Larry Hochman. We are families, parents and we are human and understand that life throws curve balls sometimes.
Partial refunds can be applied if the client has not competed the whole course and there is a significant reason, and or that the client has put forth a good faith effort. Refunds are not issued for private consulting calls after they have completed.
However, we do honor and guarantee the best of our ability and services to the Empower Your Empire Course. Therefore, if for any reason you are not satisfied, we will honor extra training and options and/or a partial refund.
Private One On One Consulting Calls
These calls really help individuals move faster and can increase their results dramatically.
Coaching can be purchased a la carte or in bulk packages. Rescheduling is absolutely available as we get life is busy.
Once a session has completed, it cannot be refunded.

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